Toshiba’s Zero Waste to Landfill Supply Recycling Program

Toshiba America Business Solutions is pleased to offer our customers a process for returning used Toshiba toner bottles, printer cartridge, fax cartridges, drums units and waste bottles/toner bags free of charge. This is TABS’ most comprehensive environmental sustainability initiative to date, allowing for the 100-percent recycling of collected consumable supplies.  Our customized collection program from Close The Loop provides you with recyclable collection boxes and supplies, freight, transportation and recycling services. 

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Building a better future – Toshiba’s focus on the environment.

Millions of inkjet and laser printer cartridges are used in the US each year, with approximately 95% of used cartridges going to landfills.  This convenient solution is not sustainable and we must all acknowledge the importance of the problem if we are to find a positive alternative strategy.  Many accept that sending waste to landfills is not a long-term solution as it just leaves the problem for the future generation to deal with. 

Toshiba’s e-CYCLE program both diverts waste from landfills and helps to reduce waste of valuable resources.

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